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What tools, features and services can we offer you as your festival partner?

on-site rapid testing

Our access control system is ready to accept on-site rapid test results before admitting customers.

track & trace

Our dynamic system presents all customer and staff information at your fingertips, at the click of a button.

monitor capacities

Use our Passouts system to view and control different area capacities in real-time, easily monitoring limits. 

online training

From health and safety training, to generic agreements, to COVID-specific T&C’s, online deliverance is key.

payment plan options

Reassure customers by staggering payments for festival tickets, with either instalment plans or deposit/balance tickets.

refund options

Should your event need to cancel or reschedule, take comfort in knowing the simplicity of the refund process for your customers.

multi-gate entrance

Separate arrivals of your attendees by operating multi-gate systems, lessening exposure between festival-goers. 

timed entry

Reduce contact between festival-goers by asking ticket purchasers to select an arrival window upon booking their tickets.

dedicated account manager

As a festival organiser, you’ll have access to your own account manager – a point of contact for you should you have any issues or questions.

pitch picker/seating plan

Keep your live-in vehicle areas, carparks and stage seating secure by asking customers to reserve their places in advance

Providing the best tools, for the best events. 

Eventree is a flexible, online event management system, designed to allow event organisers to manage crew, artists and suppliers in one place. Having worked with UK’s best events over the past decade, we’re passionate about eliminating the frustrations that event organisers have become familiar with. We developed Eventree as proof that putting on an event can be easy, whether your expecting 100 or 100,000 attendees. With the way that we experience events inevitably changing, we know there are plenty of other things you want to be focusing on. Don’t waste your time with broken systems, let your festival partner take care of all that for you. 

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  • Accreditation
  • Online Forms
  • Meals
  • Access Control
  • Documentation Management
  • Health & Safety Briefings
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Our web-based ticketing platform caters to festival giants such as Boomtown, Shambala, and Birmingham Pride, to name a few. Being the sole trusted festival partner for ticketing such large-scale events means we have adapted our systems to cater to festivals of all scales, offering numerous tools that can be manipulated into producing a COVID-safe event. 

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