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Photo of walk-way at Timber Festival with light-up animal features, with a text overlay reading "First festival of the season: Timber Festival in review"
With lockdown restrictions ever-changing and Covid being more than a little persistent, the festival season started a little later than usual this year.
Image reads: Postponed your event? Get to know your options when offering refunds, over an image of Eden Festival
You can't afford the risk of holding a 2021 event without the promise of government-backed insurance, we get it. That's why our refund process makes it easy for you.
Image reads: Download Pilot Festival, your questions asked & answers
Dates, prices, line-up details and covid safety information - everything you need to know about phase two of the ERP pilots.
TicketSellers CEO, Phil Hayes
Phil Hayes, CEO of TicketSellers and Eventree, assesses the Government’s Events Research Programme and impacts on events, ticketing and COVID-safety measures…
We speak with Deer Shed Director Oliver Jones about his experience attending the UK's first large-scale gig since the outbreak of Coronavirus.
Blog banner reads: "GOVERNMENT INSURANCE - WHY DO WE NEED IT?" over an image of Boomtown Festival set design
Following the cancellation of numerous festivals such as Shambala, Boomtown and Glastonbury, the events industry continues to appeal for government-backed insurance.
Logos for (left to right): Association of Independent Festivals, Association of Festival Organisers, Coventry University, Event Industry Forum, Mackley Projects & Events.
A new interim briefing has been published to provide support and strategic direction for festival organisers in the planning of festivals until the results of the Government’s Events Research Programme (ERP) and reviews on social distancing and Covid-Status Certification later this summer.
TicketSellers has appointed Libby Urvois as client success manager, and Mollie Love as social media and marketing manager.
Blog banner reads: "What events can you organise? A guide for event organisers amidst covid."
As the next step of lockdown easing takes place on Monday, we run through what this means for the industry, and what events can safely take place from 12/04.
Casey Wray
In this weeks guest blog, we hear from a 2020 Business & Events Management Graduate from The University of the West of England., Casey Wray
Plot logo
For this weeks guest blog, we hear from the Marketing Communications Manager at Plot. Richard Saxe Coulson talks us through his hopes on the future of festivals, conferences and other events post-pandemic.
Swans Events logo
Alex Mahoney, Production Director at Swans Events, talks us through the highs and lows of starting an Event Production company amidst 2020's peak lockdown.
Green Man Logo
This week, we're in conversation with Luke Barbanneau, Green Man Festival's very own Accessibility Manager.
Visual Architects logo
For this weeks guest blog series, we heard from Matty Allen of Visual Architects (also Penthaus Agency and TABUKI) about what he's thinking in terms of post-pandemic events.
“At the moment it feels like everybody needs a plan A, B, […]
In the new year, as part of our guest blog series, we heard from the Director of Clever Monkee comedy festival, Dan Corderoy, about what he's hoping to see in the events industry post-pandemic.
All the way back in 2020, we had the pleasure of talking […]
As an festival organiser with TicketSellers, you are given access to your […]
We get it; festival tickets need to be relatively expensive. The question […]
What will festival sites look like in a post-COVID world? This week, […]
Birmingham Pride logo
We spoke to Programming and Event Manager for Birmingham Pride, Dan Brown, about what the future of the festival might look like post-COVID.
It’s all well and good having the tools that you need to […]
Our entry system operates a number of functions that can be used […]
How do our systems help you keep on top of track and trace requirements?

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