Our entry system operates a number of functions that can be used to have better control over potential exposure, the most beneficial being the ability to separate areas and better control capacity limitations. Requiring artists, crew, and staff to scan in and out of each area allows easier control and monitoring of who has entered each area, creating even further control over exposure data. 

Offering a full gate system for large-scale festivals, we can provide a multi-gate structure to allow a staggering of ticket holder arrivals. This means festival-goers can be separated into different entrance points dependent on, for example, their ticket type, and reduces close-point contact between one another upon arrival. 

Similarly, our online ticketing system allows for specific timed entry upon ticket purchase. This means that customers are required to select an arrival window upon checkout of which they must get to the event to have their ticket scanned. Staggering arrivals dependent on either ticket type (i.e., arrival gate), or with a timed window reduces the need for close-person contact between attendees even further, providing much-needed social distancing reassurance. 

Alongside staggering arrivals, we also offer a Passouts feature, limiting the number of times crew/staff/artists can leave and re-enter the festival site. Using this feature minimises any further contact with people outside of the event, keeping your festival as contained as possible throughout its duration.

If you’re opting for a seated event, we can also integrate seating plans for tables at your event, requiring groups to select their seatings upon booking. This can provide vital structuring in terms of capacities, enforcing the necessary social distancing measures between attendees and preventing the mixing of households.

If you’re interested in how we can help with the ticketing of your event and have any questions you’d like to discuss, you can contact us over on our website, here.


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