Multi-gate entrance

Better capacity control

Working alongside our Passouts feature, the ability to have multi-gate entrance points upon arrival to the festival sites allows for better control over capacities, as well as tracking people arriving at and leaving the event site.

Ultimately, this combination of features works together to provide an anti-fraud system, detecting and preventing wristband theft, touting and other unauthorised access to your festival.

Built entirely with large-scale festivals in mind, our multi-gate system is the perfect solution for controlling how many attendees you have within each area of your event. The reporting structure coincides with these features shows you:

How busy each gate it throughout the day.

How many times each person has left/re-entered the event.

Any suspicious activity (e.g. people smuggling wristbands out of the event and selling them to the public).

Any activity which is predicted to be suspicious (AI analyses user activity and flags up anything which looks like it could lead to suspicious behaviour).

After having provided on-site support with our multi-gate system for Glastonbury festival in 2019, we’ve honed and refined the system to be as beneficial and useful as possible for festival organisers. For details on how this went for the Worthy Farm festival, head to  this webpage.

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