On-site testing

Use our Box Office app to admit customers and staff to your event securely.

Festivals have been using our access control system, known as Box Office, to admit customers and staff to their events securely for years.

From small boutique events with 1000 customers, to the second largest independent festival in the UK – Boomtown – Box Office seamlessly checks and validates many thousands of tickets per second to minimise queue time and keep customers happy.

How does it work?

Recognising that 2021 events will be very different, we have adapted Box Office to allow events to specify entry criteria which must be met before a customer’s ticket can be scanned. 

For example, you could mandate that passing a rapid COVID test is required to gain access to your event. Or you might require that either a rapid COVID test or proof of a vaccination is necessary. Whatever your requirements, whatever you’ve specified to keep your event safe, Box Office will allow you to mark when each ticket holder has met these criteria, and only at that point does their ticket become valid for entry to the event. 

Want to know more?

Contact us now to speak to an account manager about setting this up for your event.