It’s all well and good having the tools that you need to keep on track of all your site staff and fans, but how can our event management software and ticketing system allow for better control of crowds, or help you cover your own back? 

Through the use of Eventree, managing all accreditation and relevant forms online allows you to conduct any relevant health and safety inductions remotely. As opposed to arranging mass face-to-face training, this lessens the need for in person contact and allows for personalised form questions prior to onsite arrival. 

For instance, asking ““have you or anyone who you have been in contact with tested positive for COVID-19 or had any symptoms in the last two weeks?” and filtering successful volunteer applications dependent on these responses. Similarly, we can also integrate site-safety inductions for event staff, where they will need to agree to COVID regulations and submit track and trace before their entry tickets are validated for use. 

TicketSellers allows for a mobile application check-in for festival participants – both staff and customers. Upon arrival to your event, we operate our entry system via a box office app, permitting a ‘no contact’ scanning of tickets and entrance into your event. 

The integration of upon purchasing tickets through TicketSellers allows customers to choose specific pitches or seats at your event, too. This means customers can choose their own ‘areas’ at your event, providing social distancing reassurance for them as well as allowing you, the organiser, to better understand layout needs in terms of campervan areas, stage seating, and car parks. 

To find out more about the online tools and solutions we can provide for your event, get in touch with us here.


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