Online training

Against the traditional

Traditionally, health and safety briefings have been given in person at festivals. We’ve all been there: stood in a circle, staring at our feet whilst someone tells us to wear a high-viz jacket and not to stand up a ladder for more than 3-hours at a time. 

The problems with these briefings are:

They’re relatively expensive – you have to pay someone to give them.

They have to be repeated each time you have a group of new arrivals on site.

How do you know anyone actually learnt anything from them? 

For the past few years, we’ve been encouraging our clients to switch to online H&S briefings. Every single person working at the site is sent an induction to read, followed by a randomly selected set of questions, like this: 

Once they’ve successfully answered all the questions correctly they are given their ticket and can enter the event. We give each person their questions at random to prevent two people sitting together asking each other for the answer. And all attempts to take the briefing are logged, giving you insights into which parts are easier to understand, which questions are tripping people up, and how many attempts each person takes to pass. 

In previous years festivals have benefitted from our online H&S briefings and it’s easy to see how they fit into the current climate, with the need to ensure inductions are taken seriously and completed at a safe distance. 

Want to know more?

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