We get it; festival tickets need to be relatively expensive. The question remains, though, how can you accommodate for this alongside the financial impact that COVID-19 may have had on your prospective fans? The answer, of course, is to offer payment plans. These can take two different forms. 

Currently, organisers can’t add these options themselves, so get in touch with your account manager, or contact the team on in order to get these set up.

1- Instalment plans – these plans can be split across up to 12 payments. Each ticket has a deposit amount, and then scheduled amounts each month from then on. In order to get these set up, have a think about:

  • Full price of the ticket to pay
  • How many months to split the plan across
  • How much do you wish to be paid in the deposit
  • Any preference of which dates you wish payments to be taken on, eg 5th of the month/28th of the month etc.

2 – Deposit/balance tickets – these tickets stick with a simple 2-part payment plan, customers can pay a deposit and then pay off the balance at their leisure, anytime up until the deadline you set. They simply login to their customer account whenever they like!

All booking fees are paid with the deposit, and the subsequent instalment payments have no booking fees attached to them.


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