Refund options

Customer reassurance is key

Whilst we understand that event organisers are needing to be filled with optimism during the current circumstances, we also know how important it is to be able to reassure your customers that they will be covered should your festival need to cancel or postpone again. There needs to be some level of trust for them to feel comfortable purchasing tickets, right? And so, enter: our online refund process.

How does it work?

Now, when an event is cancelled or postponed, any customers who have bought tickets will be notified via email and instructed to log in to their account to select what they would like to do with their ticket(s). The possible options are to keep their tickets for the postponed event, to refund their tickets, or to donate the (total or partial) cost of their ticket to the organiser. The process will look like this, from within the customer account:

A refund message will show beneath the event name, with a statement from the organisers and an overview of options.
Here, customers can view their tickets for the event and select an option for each of them (rather than one option for the whole order).

As this process is entirely automated, refunds will be issued back to the original payment card used as soon as the system registers the request. Or, you can choose a date that you’d like these to start being issued. When we’re dealing with a large volume of refund requests, this automated process means customers can quickly and efficiently choose what they’d like to do with their tickets without waiting for a response or confirmation from a member of our Customer Service team.

What does ‘donate ticket’ mean?

With event organisers taking a massive financial hit from the restrictions put in place in light of COVID-19, customers can donate the cost of their tickets. Instead of receiving a refund and getting their money back, they can choose to donate part or all of the cost of their ticket(s) back to you, the event organiser, to offer their support to you and your future events. A number of our current clients have experienced huge success from this option over the 2020 festival period!

Whilst we understand that not everyone is lucky enough to be in a comfortable enough financial position to do this, it’s an incentive many customers using the new process have already chosen to take part in. 

Want to know more?

Contact us now to speak to an account manager about setting this up for your event.