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So, you’ve decided that you can’t take the risk that comes with holding a 2021 festival. As the Summer season nears, you’re wary of the government’s consistent failure to provide a concrete insurance scheme – we get it. 

You can’t afford to pay out now, only to potentially cancel nearer to the event date and be at a loss. However, looking after your customers is paramount for any event organiser when moving into 2022 – you need to be sure they come back when they can! Of course, how do you ensure that they do? 

Well, here at TicketSellers, we’re always keen to look after our clients and their customers. Our refund platform is easy to set up and provides an essential blanket of reassurance to customers that their options are open when deciding how to proceed with their 2021 tickets. 

How does it work?

The refund process available on your customers account consists of up to four elements: a refund message, rollover to 2022, donate or offer a refund. All are optional (i.e., pick and choose which you’d like to offer) and completely customisable by you, the organiser. Each option also allows you to input a message, explaining what it entails. 

Refund message

This displays at the top of the page for customers so is useful for providing an explanation as to why you have cancelled, a brief overview of their options, as well as any deadlines for selecting what it is that they would like to do. 

Rollover to 2022

Leading with the most important, the first option available to customers is to keep their ticket(s) for next year’s event. You can also input a message that displays after this choice is selected, to thank them for supporting your event.


This option can be selected if customers don’t need the refund, aren’t able to attend the event next year, but would still like to support your event. By choosing this option, they void their tickets but you, the organiser, keep the funds to put towards your next event. 

Offer refund

Pretty self-explanatory, this option allows customers to receive a face-value refund for their order. Customers are able to choose their refunds per ticket, so they can refund, say, a car pass but keep their entry tickets, and so on. You can also use the message box to outline any refund terms & conditions, as well as a date as to when customers can expect to receive the funds back to their bank account.

And that’s it! All you need to worry about is letting us know when you’d like the options live on your customer’s accounts, as well as an outline of what options you’d like to display and any text or messages to go along with this. We take care of the rest! As well as this, we also handle all inbound customer service requests, leaving you to focus on getting 2022 planned and ready to go. 

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