Vaccine Passports

How our software is ready to integrate with digital vaccine passports when they become available

Matt Hancock said very clearly that the government is not considering vaccine passports as a way to return to normal.

Based on the government’s track record we have to assume that there will definitely be vaccine passports in 2021.

How will it work?

Although we don’t know exactly how a vaccine passport might work we can certainly make some educated guesses based on the technology which is available to us.

NHS Test & Trace app

First, we know that the Test & Trace app has the option to add a test result.

Currently the purpose of this is to alert any people you’ve come into close contact with that you’ve had a positive test result – i.e. you have Covid-19.

It’s not a huge stretch to imagine that next year this app will have the ability for customers to record that they have received a vaccine. 

We imagine this would work in much the same way as entering a test result – customers are given a code after receiving the vaccine injection which they enter into the app.

Health data sharing

Second, you may not be aware that Apple iOS (and Android) allow you to share health data between apps.

Once a customer’s vaccine is recorded in the NHS app, it can write the data to the Apple Health app (or Android equivalent), in the same way that other medical information can be recorded there.

As shown in this screenshot, data in the Health app can then be accessed by other applications.

This means that proof of vaccination could be read by other apps on the customer’s phone, including the TicketSellers app.

Upon arrival at the festival

When the customer arrives at the festival the presence of a valid vaccination can be detected by the TicketSellers app using the standard data sharing options shown above.

If your event requires proof of vaccination to guarantee entry our app will only make the customers ticket scannable if a vaccination record is found.

In summary the process goes like this:

1) Customer enters vaccine ‘pin’ into NHS app

2) Proof of vaccine is shared via Apple (or Android) Health data sharing

3) Our ticketing app reads this data

4) The customer’s ticket is only valid for the event when the proof of vaccine is available

It’s important to note that in all of this the customer’s data never leaves their phone and is never recorded by our software. We would simply check that they have had a vaccine and then unlock their ticket. We are not interested in storing data relating to their health or making that available for any other purpose.

Want to know more?

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