As an festival organiser with TicketSellers, you are given access to your very own, dedicated account manager specifically for your event, on hand to assist you with any queries or issues you may come across during your on sale period.

Our ticketing platform and its relevant features are, mostly, all available to you as an organiser, but there are a limited number of things that you would need to do via your account manager, instead. With a single point of contact, you’ll get the direct support you need, when you need it. As a full-service ticketing platform, this is something very few, if any, of our competitor brands offer their event organisers.

So, what’s the point in having an account manager? Why would you need to contact them for help?

Payment plans

We offer a number of payment plan options for your customers, all of which are required to be set up by our team directly rather than by organisers. The plan types vary and consist of instalment plans or deposit/balance options. To set these up, have a read of this breakdown and then contact your account manager or to get started.

Eco bonds

The implementation of eco bonds with your entry tickets is a fantastic initiative to encourage festival-goers to clean up after themselves at your event. The system will automatically add an additional ticket to any entry ticket purchased (the price of the eco bond is down to your discretion, but our organisers usually opt for £5-10), which customers can claim back in exchange for a bag of rubbish from the festival site. This will need to be implemented by your account manager or our customer service team.

Seat/pitch pickers

Camping festival or day festival, having customers select specific areas in advance of booking will be hugely beneficial when attempting to navigate your festival post-pandemic. Whether it be stage seating or live-in vehicle areas, you can implement this on your event page by contacting your account manager directly.

Waiting list

With festivals likely having to operate at reduced capacity post-pandemic, the likelihood of supply meeting the demand for festival tickets is slim, to say the least. So, when customers can no longer attend and need a refund, the use of a waiting list for potential customers is going to come very in handy!


“Would you like to donate £___ to ____?” “Please confirm you have read and agreed to our COVID-19 T&C’s and regulations.” “If you wish to gain early entry to the event, don’t forget to buy ____” “Don’t forget to purchase your car parking!” Whatever the message you want to communicate with customers before they complete the checkout process, contact your account manager to assign a pop-up message like the one below to specific tickets, or whole orders.

Boomtown’s 2021 event page

Ticket rules

When certain tickets can only be purchased in conjunction with another ticket, ticket rules come out to play. These are particularly useful for maintaining adult to under-18 ratios, as well as ensuring tickets like car parking and live-in vehicles are in conjunction with arrival days of entrance tickets. When ticket rules apply, it won’t allow customers to go any further through the checkout process until the issue is resolved, displaying error messages throughout.

Data capture

The selection of questions at the end of the checkout process can be referred to as “data capture,” which you can use to better understand your festival audience. These, again, are completely customizable by you, but need to set them up via your account manager. Previous festival organisers have opted for data capture along the lines of:

  • How did you hear about us?
  • Name/DOB/email address/gender (per ticket holder),
  • Accessibility requirements,
  • How many ____’s have you attended in previous years?
  • Confirmation of T&C’s.


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